5G Specification Announced, 20GBps Download and 10GBps Upload Speed

20GB/s is a hell lot of speed. Know more about the launch of 5G here.


5G will change the way you use the internet. Internet speed is the primary demand in today’s world. We need the internet for everything, from finding our daily tech problem or other to check bank balance; we use the internet. Nowadays, the Internet is available in most of the place, but the thing is speed. Nobody in this world gets the same internet speed. To maximize your download speed, there is the next gen of 4G is coming soon.

A few days back International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has announced the official logo of 5G and a recent report on 5G confirms the speed of the 5G with some more specs.

5G Speed

The maximum download speed of 5G is 20Gbite/ second and maximum upoload speed is 10Gbite/ second. Below I have added the full download and upload speed of chart for 5G according to tha latest report.

5G Speeds*

  • Downlink peak data rate = 20 Gbit/s
  • Uplink peak dara rate = 10 Gbit/s
  • Downlink peak spectral efficiency = 30 bit/s/Hz
  • Uplink peak spectral efficiency = 15 bit/s/Hz
  • Downlink user experienced data rate = 100Mbit/s
  • Uplink user experienced data rate = 50 Mbit/s

Hence the original speed of 5G will be 20GB/s, you won’t be able to experience it. The maximum user experience data speed is 100 MB/s with 50MB/s upload speed.

5G Plan ITU

100 and 50 MB/s is a good speed which you’ll be able to experience with 5G connection.

The ITU will finalize the 5G connection on November 2017 maybe. You’ll be able to use the 5G connectivity on your devices just like you are using 4G or LTE right now. To enjoy the 5G connectivity you may need to purchase a compatible smartphone, not all the smartphone in the market right now will support 5G.

We’ll coon confirm the launch of 5G, so stay tuned and make sure to subscribe to our free newsletter to know it before anyone else.


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