CanYouRunIt is a fantastic service you can use to check your computer compatibility before purchasing a game. It also suggests you the upgrade you need to do before playing that particular game.

CanYouRunIt is free to use, and it takes only a few seconds to show you the compatibility report. It’s one of the best system compatibility checker tools that can use for free and check your PC’s compatibility with almost all of the games that available for PC.

To check if your computer can run a particular game or run CanYouRunIt service, follow the steps given below. I have added the whole method to use the CanYouRunIt service here.

CanYouRunIt: How to use it

To use the CanYouRunIt service follow the steps given below or you can also directly head to the official page of Can you run it by clicking on the link given below:

  • At first, to use the CanYouRunIt service, you’ll need to download and install an application on your computer.
  • Download the app by clicking – HERE
  • After downloading the file install it and go to the CanYouRunIt page by clicking – HERE
  • On the site, in the Search for the game space type the name of the game for what you want to test your PC’s compatibility
  • The search box will show suggestion of the game, click on the suggestion


After clicking on the game name, it will take a few second and show you if your PC can run that game or not.

CanYouRunIt will scan your PC’s specs, and if it doesn’t match with the game requirements, CanYouRunIt also gives you a button writing UPGRADE SUGGESTED which will take you to a page where you’ll get necessary upgrade items.

CanYouRunIt is a fantastic system compatibility checker program you can use for free. On CanYouRunIt, there are almost all of the games available with whom you can check the PC’s compatibility.


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