If you are looking for the review od Cerberus anti theft, welcome to Giz Love. Here you’ll find my experience with Cerberus anti-theft application that is available for Android phones with root feature. Cerberus is not a free application, but it also offers 7 days free trial with all the premium features.

If you are too worried about losing your expensive Android phone, Cerberus is probably one of the best Android anti-theft application that exists for your phone. There are also some requirements you need to fulfill to install the application on your device and make it work properly, like root access and device administrator feature.

Cerberus anti theft – Review


At first, let’s have a look at the features of Cerberus anti theft application

  • Lock the phone
  • Erase data
  • Show messages
  • Start loud alarm
  • Take picture (front camera, back camera)
  • Get screenshots
  • Track location
  • Location Map
  • Call phones
  • Get phone number info
  • Last call list
  • Check messages
  • Run apps
  • Record audio
  • Start remote shell

Lock the phone

With Cerberus anti theft application you can lock your device with a code and also unlock it just by executing a command from your Cerberus account.

Erase Data

If your phone contains sensitive data and you are worried about it, you can also wipe data from your phone commanding right from your account. The process is fast, and you don’t even need access to your phone.

Show messages

If you want to leave a message to the theft or the person you can show a message on the phone in full screen. Just type the message from your account and send it.

Start loud alarm

You can also start a loud alarm even when the phone is in silent mode. The phone will ring in full volume and if you are near the phone, you may able to find it.

Take picture

Well, this is one of the best features that you get on Cerberus anti-theft application. With this feature, you can click photos remotely from the application using the primary camera or front-facing camera. And you’ll get the picture after it gets clicked on your email address.

Cerberus anti theft
Images are taken for review purpose

Get screenshot

You are also allowed to take the screenshot with Cerberus anti-theft application. You can take the screenshot of the device right from your account and you’ll get it on your email ID.

Cerberus anti theft
Images are taken for review purpose

Track GPS Location

You can check the real-time GPS location of the device on the map generate by Cerberus right from your account. You’ll get the live feed of the device which is amazing.

Location Map

The Cerberus anti theft application also generated a map according to the phone’s last GPS location. You’ll get all of them on your Cerberus account.

Call Phones

With the Cerberus anti theft application, you can also remotely call to any number from your Cerberus account.

Get phone number/ info

You can also check the number of the current SIM card that the theft is using.

Last call list

You can check the last call list made by the phone just by executing a command from your Cerberus dashboard.

Check messages

As well as the calls made from the phone, you can also the application to check the messages sent and received on the device with the recipient phone number.

Run apps

You can also run apps on the device remotely from anywhere just by executing a command from the Cerberus account panel.

Record audio

As well as taking pictures and screenshots you can also record audio at real time by executing a command. After receiving the command the application will activate the mic on the device and record the audio for a duration and send the file to your mail ID.

These are the things you can do with Cerberus anti theft application on your Android. Now let’s talk about the setup of the application.

Download Cerberus anti theft

You can download Cerberus app for Android for free directly from Google Play Store. Use the download link given below to redirect to the official download page of the application.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁


You’ll need ROOT access to use this application. If you don’t have root access you won’t be able to use the application properly or even it won’t work. So before downloading the application make sure you have root access.

Set Up

The setup process is pretty simple and doesn’t take long. You can directly download the application from the link given above and proceed with the application. In case you need help, you can check this guide on setting up Cerberus anti-theft application.


Service provided by Cerberus app is not free at all. You get the first 7 days to try the application for free with all the features, but after that, you’ll need to pay for every year you use the application as per device. Check the price list Cerberus offers below.

Cerberus anti theft plan

My Opinion

Cerberus anti theft is a great application that you can use on your Android device. The app has some powerful and amazing feature which we can also use to spy someone’s phone or keep tracking our phone when it gets lost. You can also check a video added below, filmed by a guy who tracked a theft for 30 days using Cerberus application.

This is probably one of the best anti-theft application that you can install on your Android phone. Only one thing I hated about the application is the price, the price is not too high but you need to pay for your devices, (you don’t know which one will get lost) and none of them got stole. They should release a free version of the application, and when your device gets lost you can upgrade your free plan to premium to unlock all the features.

Cerberus anti theft application is a great value application with the features I have mentioned earlier. Also, you can see in the added video how powerful the application is, also follow the guide (link above) to set up Cerberus app correctly so it works properly when your device gets lost.

Phone Tracking
95 %
Anti -Theft
90 %
60 %
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