New apps for Android Session 1

Welcome to the very first session of new Apps for Android, here you’ll find the latest or new apps to install on your Android. We are going to update “New Apps for Android” session every single month. And this is the very first session of New Apps for Android.

Google Play Store is full of billions of Apps and Games. You can download most of them for free with In-App purchase feature or Ads. There are variously categorized apps available for your Android. In simple, Android is no lake of Apps.

Thousands of Android Apps developer launches hundreds of apps on Google Play Store daily. And you come to know about those apps when they trend on Play Store.

Here I have added some amazing and new apps for your Android device that you can test or enjoy them before anyone else.

New Apps for Android: February 2017

Some of the apps added below may not be that new, but I have tried to cover all the latest Android apps by checking the features. You can always suggest me more apps to add to the list by commenting the name of the App or giving the official link of the app.

YouTube Go

New apps for Android

YouTube Go is one of the best new apps for Android. Unlike the YouTube app, you can share the offline downloaded videos with this application The app also has a new layout, and it is super easy to use. YouTube team officially develops the Application, and it is still in development process.

The offline video sharing capability of YouTube Go is one of the most attractive features. You can also save videos to watch offline on original YouTube app but YouTube Go is different.

You can download the YouTube Go from the link given below. Keep it in mind that the application is still in development stage, you may face some bugs also. I have tested the app personally but haven’t encountered any problem.

The app was not found in the store. πŸ™

Amazon Chime

Amazon Chime APK

Amazon Chime is the latest app or service launched by Amazon. With Amazon Chime, you can make online meeting faster better and comfortable. Yes, Amazon Chime has officially developed for your business meets.

Amazon Chime is available for all of the platforms and with the Android Chime app, you can attend all of your business meets from anywhere and anytime. The application and the service are also free to use.

You can share your screen, use speakers, and mic for better discussion. The official download link of Amazon Chime for Android phone is given below. I have also tested the application and attended some meets, the application works like a charm, and it requires a good internet connection.

The app was not found in the store. πŸ™

Pixel Launcher

New apps for Android

Well, Pixel Launcher is not that new, but most of the people are maybe not using it. Pixel Launcher is one of the perfect and great alternative launchers for your Android device. The launcher is exclusively available for Android N v7.0+ running devices only, but you can always download the APK file of the application and use it on any Android phone.

The launcher is free to use, and it’s very organizing. The app brought a new layout to your device with new and improved Google Search Bar.

You can download the application directly from Google Play Store for free. Click on the download link given below and install the app from there.

The app was not found in the store. πŸ™


New apps for Android

Flyperlink opens the web links on your Android just like the messenger popup chat box. The application is very handy for you if you do multitasking on your Android phone.

The appΒ is available to download from Google Play Store for free.

Flyperlink is one of the best floating browsers that you can install and use on your Android for free. There is also a premium version of the application available which unlocks all the features.

The app was not found in the store. πŸ™

These are some amazing new apps for Android that is available to install for free. If you like us to add some more application to the article, feel free to mention them in the comment space below. Also, stay tuned for the next or second session of new Apps for Android.


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