Time Locker – A Great Arcade Action Game for Android & iOS, with Download Link

Time Locker, Another amazing arcade action game


If you love arcade games and looking for one, Time Locker is one of the best arcade action game that is available for your Android and iOS devices. Here you’ll find a quick review of Time Locker with the direct download link, according to your device’s OS.

Time Locker is free to download with in-app purchase feature for both Android and iOS. You’ll find the download link for the game below, in the download section.

So without talking much let’s talk about the game, why I’m saying it is one of the best arcade action game.

Time Locker – Arcade Action Game, Review

About the game

Sotaro otsuka develops time Locker, and it is free to download on both Android and iOS platform. The app has in-app purchase feature, with whom you can boost your gameplay. The game is entirely Ads free, but there is a very limited ad feature (which is also your choice whether you want to see or not) which gives you free coins.


As I have already mentioned that, the game is free to download on iOS and Android platform. You can play the game for free as long as you want. Below I have also added download links to the Time Locker game, click on the download link below according to your platform.


The app was not found in the store. 🙁


Developer: sotaro otsuka
Price: Free+


The overall rating of the game is impressive with 4.5 stars on Google Play Store and 4.5 stars on iTunes.

Review – Time Locker

I have been playing the game on my Android device running on Android 7.1.1 and so far I had an excellent experience. The game has great graphics with an amazing material look. The game is very easy to play, well there is a slogan of the game “If you stop, Time stops.” So beating the enemy with the skill we get in different characters are fun.

Till I’m able to unlock 11 different characters, I don’t know how much there is, but all the character comes with a different style of firing. You also gets power-ups to boost up the shooting and score more, but the game is not that simple as it sounds.

Don’t go for the line when you stop; time stops; some black liquid-like material is running after you, and if you stops too long, or be slow like internet explorer, you are going to die. So playing smart with open eyes is the only way to score more in the game.

Also, try to catch every single powerup, which you gets by defeating the enemy in blue color and the green color pop-ups the coins. Try to collect the blue boxes after beating the enemy, and it will boost up your character’s firing skill or defendability.

Still, there is no scoreboard available to compare your high score with your friends, but you can always connect the game with your Google Play account and check the achievements.

I don’t think even after connecting the game to Google Play Store if you reinstall the game and it will restore your previous gameplay. I have tried doing that, so be careful. If you loved the game and played a great score, don’t try uninstalling it.

You can also play the game offline; there is no internet connection needed to play Time Locker on your smartphone.

When we talk about the background music of the game, it sounds great with some lightening effects and always a unique shooting sound.


If you love action arcade game, which can also be played offline, Time Locker is just best for you. Time Locker worth download and it is highly addictive. The arcade actions in the game are just fun and with super challenging gameplay makes it more unique. You can always download the game on your Android and iOS device and for free.


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