Top 7 Best Racing Games for Android

best racing games 2017

Since childhood everyone dreams of riding fast automobiles, which includes both cars and bikes. This childhood dream gets fulfilled by racing super fast vehicles in racing games when we start playing games on computer, console or smartphones. Earlier, the primary medium for gaming used to be PC or console but as the world shifts toward smartphones and rely more heavily on them, we also game on mobiles now. Thus, we bring you the best racing games for Android which promises to give you the ride of your life. Your need for speed will get accomplished via these excellent smartphones. In order to run the best racing games, you do not need the best flagship smartphones anymore since mobile phones under Rs. 15000 are also capable of running them at the highest graphics settings. These smartphones also come with brilliant Full HD displays on which you’ll feel like you’re actually racing in real life.

 best racing games 2017

This list of best racing games for Android will also work on other smartphone platforms. Do note that these games are not in any specific order since all of them are equally good in their own way. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Best Racing Games for Android

1. Real Racing 3

This is one of the oldest racing games in this segment but Real Racing 3 remains one of the best free-to-play racing games on our Android or iPhones. It posses excellent real-life like graphics and insane amount of real-world cars make it very exciting to drive around real-world racetracks. There are a lot of game modes including standard races, time trials, Plus Real-Time Multiplayer and the new Time Shift multiplayer mode. In this multiplayer mode, there are a lot of challenges to players along with new updates that add new tracks, cars and events. EA Sports have created a great racing game for Android and thus we are eagerly waiting for Real Racing 4.

2. GT Racing 2

GameLoft has created a racing game called GT Racing 2 in order to provide “The Real Car Experience”. This game has super awesome cars as it features more than 71 licensed cars which you can race on 13 different tracks. There are thrilling game modes including Knockouts, Duels and Overtakes but if game modes do not excite you, then take part in classic races in more than 1000 events. GT Racing 2 has some awesome graphics and weather effects to complement the superb gaming experience. Hence, this car racing game from the house of GameLoft is one of the best contenders in this list.

3. Need for Speed: No Limits

If you’re a racing games fanatic, you must have played a Need for Speed game on your PC or console, if not on your mobile device. After conquering the PC and console racing games market, NFS has started dominating the mobile space as well. Need for Speed: No Limits is a game which produces short but intense races. You get to drift and draft along with the usage of smart nitro in order to win the games. Upon new victories, you’ll have the option of unlocking new parts to modify your cars or get pink slips to new machines.

4. CSR Racing 2

When it comes to drag racing, CSR Racing is undoubtedly at the top spot. When the sequel CSR Racing 2 came out, it just blew away the original game with its superior graphics and gameplay improvements. Since it is a drag racing game, you do not have to steer the car but in order to win the races, you need to make perfect starts, change gears at the right time and out race other cars smartly without hitting the traffic. This game will not feel boring after a while since you feel the high-performance cars and the real drag racing environments. Options of both single player campaign and head-to-head online multiplayer battles are available.

5. Asphalt Xtreme

When anyone talks about the best racing games for smartphones, Asphalt cannot be left out. It has become a racing game brand that all of us mobile racing gaming enthusiasts have surely heard. Asphalt Xtreme is the latest racing game in the Asphalt series which takes the action off the road. You’ll be able to race in the dunes and canyons, that too in a lot of different game modes. The most exciting feature about the game is its live multiplayer feature which allows up to eight players to race in their favorite cars including licensed vehicles, dune buggies and monster trucks.

6. SBK 16

If you prefer extreme HD Android bike racing game, then SBK 16 is tailor-made for you. It is the official racing game of the Superbike World Championship. You’ll get to ride on behalf of International riders including Sylvain Guintoli and Tom Sykes in super fast bikes. The most incredible part is that these races are played in real-world racetracks. You’ll have the option of quick race, championship mode, test rides and time attacks. There are some cool features in the game such as mobile controller support, a new cockpit view and ability to upgrade to the pro (ad-free) version by completing the Test Ride challenge mode.

7. Red Bull Air Race 2

You get to experience the world’s fastest motor sport with Red Bull Air Race 2. Yes, we are talking about the world’s most adventurous aerobatic aircrafts, which are one of the world’s fastest vehicles. In this racing game for Android, you get to jump straight into the cockpit of the planes and compete in more than 400 different races. There are different class tournaments specific to regions. It is a very well made sequel where we can see a lot of graphical improvements along with configurable crew and aircrafts.

This brings us to the end of our best racing games for Android. All of these games can also be found on iOS and other mobile platforms. We really hope that you have liked this listicle and will try out all these games on your Android smartphones ASAP. Please do let us know if you want us to increase the number of games or add new games replacing the old ones, since this list will get updated periodically. Also, check out our other gaming categories for Android. Happy gaming, folks!


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